Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I Dont Have To

Some people have those days that they just dont want to get out of bed. I have those weeks. Its not that I'm sick or depressed or anything, i just have nowhere to go. Its finals time, so all I'm supposed to be doing is studying. I dont have to get out of bed to study. The only reason I need to get up is to pee or make my Shany tea. I do actually get a bit bored of staying in bed. Thats when I go to the other room and do a puzzle til I get tired. Yesterday was almost a perfect day. Then my Shany got thirsty, and since there were no drinks in the house i had to go out and buy some. Of course, all the stores were already closed. I guess if I got out more I would have known that. But I did go out in my pajamas, so it was still a complete day of pajamas. The day before I went out for lunch. That was it. I cant think of any reason to go out today. Or tomorrow. Thursday I have a test so I'll go out then. In the early days I would refuse to leave if it was already night time so as not to ruin the perfect day. But I'm past the need to prove that I can do it. Last week I broke a perfect day to go to Chinese at 11PM. We tried to order on the phone but they dont deliver after 10. It was good Chinese, though. The beauty of nice Chinese restaurants here is that the waiters dont speak any Hebrew. The problem is they barely speak English either.
I have fully adapted to the climate change (as much as I can while staying indoors). When I asked what the weather was like before venturing out one day, I was told it was the kind of weather where I would go out in long sleeves to bike ride and my mom would yell at me to wear a coat. So I put on a Tshirt and sweatshirt and went out. It was freezing. I would describe it as weather you dont want to have to deal with.
I may actually go out today. It looks sunny.


Blogger Just Shu said...

I love days like that..i dont get out of my shorts all day, and just play XBOX....

11:15 PM  
Blogger 2R said...

you guys are sick, sick I say. One day it may hit you, one too many overdoses of indoorism, and then you'll need to get out, and you'll just go and keep going, camp outside, eat outside, anything rather then be inside...or you can take it in moderation and you should be ok...
and it was a shortsleeve fleece day!

2:50 AM  

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