Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Random Thoughts

I had a bunch of random thoughts recently, so I'm just going to post them...randomly.
-I cant believe I ran off to a foreign country, served in it's army, and yet I'm still setting myself up to a 9-5 average joe.
-If I had the choice between buying a helicopter or a plane, I would choose the chopper cuz there are launch pads in Jerusalem, and it takes a long time in traffic to get to the airport.
-Why is orange the official color of Gush Katif?
-It's easier to die for your belief then to live for it. If someone is holding a sword to your head and says convert or die, probably times arent so good and you really dont have that much to live for anyway. Plus, its a quick decision with immediate results. Living with religion is a long drawn out never ending thing, designed so that you start off guilty and never know if what your doing is right, or, if after youve followed the game plan your whole life, you find out it was the wrong game plan. Like the story of the Rabbi who wrote a book and made a huge party. He said when he was kid he never learned and his father was going to apprentice him to a tailor. Then he told his father he wanted to learn and inthe end became a Rabbi and wrote books. He said if he hadnt told his father no, he wouldve been a nice jewish tailor and when he wouldve died G-d wouldve yelled at him fo rnot writing the books. Which means he couldve lived his whole life as a perfect Jew and still gone to hell for it cuz when he was 5 he didnt want to learn. That just seems twisted to me.
-Why are they called fngers if you cant fing them? (my friend reminded me that I messaged him that while I was doing guard duty once)
-The difference between EAT and FAT is that little leg on the bottom of the E. Coincidence?
-I dont believe in Valentines Day. Why Valentine? Thanksgiving-giving thanks; Mothers Day-celebrating mothers. I checked it up and i found that Chaucer the writer took a holiday of St. Valentine and linked it up with a day to choose sweethearts. So according to the holiday if you already have the girl youve accomplished already, its only for those who are choosing. And this guy Valentine was martyred for being a Christian. So why should we perpetuate his memory?
-Just cuz I dont believe in Valentines Day doesnt mean my Shany has to suffer. So I still got her chocolate, just a day late.


Blogger 2R said...

I believe here it's an 8-4 job
I'd also choose a 'copter
I don't think Gd would've yelled at him at the end...i think he would've just laughed at him...
Orange was cheaper
Just to confuse us
I think not
If all these guys hadn't died for being Christian I could have my castle in Gan Soccer
my shany..huhu...he said my shany...but then, he always does...

8:44 PM  
Blogger Just Shu said...

they are fingers because you can fing with them.

6:40 AM  

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