Monday, December 05, 2005

It's not even close to election time

I bought the paper (Maariv) this Shabbat and sat down to read it but all it had was stuff about the election. The one in 3 months! Isn't anything else happening here? There was actually one other intersting article about a lawyer who wants to be a judge. Apperently she wrote an erotic novel about 9 years ago, has made many public comments about how her book relates to her life, and now she wants to be a judge for family law. Oh, and shes also divorced twice. The paper had many different views, pro and con, whether she should be a judge. Personally, if I was in her courtroom, I dont think I would feel that this person represents the law, or that I should have any respect for her. I would probably just be wondering how closely the book represents her real life.
Anyway, I got the paper on Sunday, and again, just election with a little ticker. 114 days til election. Is that all they're going to wirte about? So far, at least around here, I've only seen two election campaign posters in the street. One is "Only Silvan can", who's running to take over Likud, and the other is on busses, מי לה' אלי, to vote for Shas. (Michelle had a great point on that one!)
I'm already fed up with this election, and its not for another 4 months!

UPDATE: I saw a few more slogans today for Likud elections. "Moshe Feiglin-for Head of Likud"
and "Yisroel Katz, against Sharon and the Left". The Likud elections are coming up, so at least they have a reason to be advertising so early.


Blogger Olah Chadasha said...

Elections seems more fun here than in the States.

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