Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Is the truth really out there?

Same story, different papers

According to Arutz7:
Kol Yisrael reports that a Jerusalem court has awarded compensation of more than NIS 90,000 to Noam Federman of Hebron for being wrongfully placed under house arrest for two years. At the time, he was charged with being involved in a Jewish underground organization in Bat Ayin. Although the charges against him were found to be baseless and were later dropped, Federman was under house arrest for two years. Today’s ruling found him innocent, and awarded him compensation for the time he spent needlessly under house arrest.

According to Haaretz:
Justice Moshe Drori of Jerusalem District Court on Tuesday morning ordered the state to pay extreme-rightwing activist Noam Federman $100,000 compensation for false arrest for alleged terrorist activity in recent years. Federman, a resident of a Hebron-area settlement, was held in administrative detention for around eight months, and underwent many months of house arrest.

The beauty is, they could be saying the same thing. More than NIS 90,000 could be $100,000. And many months of house arrest could be 24 months. Yet, shockingly, Arutz7 stresses the amount of time under house arrest, and Haaretz tries to minimize it, and Arutz7 shows a small amount of compensation while Haaretz shows a large one. Does anyone believe anything they read anymore?


Blogger Olah Chadasha said...

Well, I never believe anything I read in Ha'Aretz. They are so left wing, it's disgusting. They wont be happy until the head line one day will read, "Communist Palestine finally returned to its rightful owners".

7:20 PM  

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