Monday, December 12, 2005

My beef against Mofaz

As much as I hate politics, the latest develpment has really caught my attention. Shaul Mofaz has switched over to Kadima in exchange for a promise to continue on as Defense Minister if Sharon wins again. Being as half of this countries politicaians have switched to Kadima in the past few weeks, this didnt come as too much of a shock, except for all the garbage I've been reading that Mofaz said about Kadima, his new party. Here's some excerpts:
Arutz7: DM Mofaz Says Kadima Following Path of Oslo
Israel Hasbara Committee: "...and I am opposed to Oslo. I believe it caused great damage to Israel,” he (Mofaz) said.
"I think he [Sharon] made a big mistake when he left Likud,” Mofaz said.
Jerusalem Post:
Mofaz accuses Sharon of working against him
Mofaz called on Likud members to stay in Likud and resist offers to join Sharon’s Kadima party which he labeled a “virtual party that exists only in polls.”
Mofaz Points Out Sharon’s Contradictory Actions and Words
There are more, but they're all along the same lines. Mofaz disagrees with the policies of Kadima, with the people running Kadima, feels Sharon contradicts himself, and accused Sharon of purposely trying to hurt his image. And now he's joined his party. Apperently, ideals are important to Mofaz, but not as important as his job. Obviously, all members of Kadima switched over from other parties, but none were as outspokenly against it like Mofaz. And none of them were running as head of a different party, til they realized they werent going to be voted in, and then quickly switched. Regardless of what I think of Sharon, his decision made sense. He was leading a party that was split in half and destroying itself. His policies were not in line with the party he was running. So he created a party according to his policies. He invited Mofaz, who turned him down, criticized Sharon, and even put his name on the ticket as a contendor for the Likud. How could a man in one minute believe he has what it takes to be in charge of a party, and the next minute defect to a different party? How can you trust a man like that?
Then again, theres barely anyone you can trust in the Knesset, so whats the difference now?


Blogger Olah Chadasha said...

It's politics. What do you expect? This is one of the reasons that he wouldnt be the head of a party. Job first. Country second. When he realized the Likud ship was sinking fast, he went to save his job with a man who does relate to his views. Likud is sinking fast. The members can either go down with the ship or grab the Kadima life jacket.

12:35 PM  
Blogger lisoosh said...

Attraction of Power.

5:44 PM  

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