Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Crappy Day

Most days have ups and downs, some good things happening, some bad, and it all balances out to make up a day. Yesterday was just crappy. To start off with, I had to go to class at 8, which means getting up around 6. then I had Hebrew class, which is definitely the biggest waste of 4 hours possible. We learn things like how to write a paper in Hebrew. (Hint: It's like writing a paper in English...only in hebrew!) Towards evening I went out jogging, and after about ten minutes, realized I didnt have my cell phone. I raced home to make sure it wasnt there, and of course, it wasnt. So I took Shan's phone to call mine and see if I could fnd it. Then I remembered that I had put it on silent when I went to Maariv so I wouldnt be able to hear it anyway. So I walked and called it hoping I would see the light from the phone. After about four calls, the phone turned off. Being as it was on full battery, it didn't die. So it was either hit by a car or taken. Another slow walk along the path I took, and I determined that someone had my phone. I sent a text message to the phone saying I would pay whoever found it, and we called the cellphone company at the same time. The minute we told them it was gone they blocked it, so whoever has it cant even read the message! So even if he would want to return it, he wouldnt know how.

Point of this all is, I dont have anyones phone number, so email me your phone number.


Blogger menachem said...

it's probably with your watch

8:10 PM  
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