Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I'll Have 3 Matzot To Go

It's over. Seven days of not eating bread, which somehow transformed to seven days of not eating beans, corn, chummus, and anything else that falls under the category of "legumes" is now over. I have yet to exercise my right to eat leavened food, but just knowing that I can makes me calm. Chummus has really been my main crave. two days of Chag and Shabbat, with no chummus? That's hard stuff. I went on a pretty cool walk this Chol Hamoed in the old city. I wandered the Arab shuk, ended up by Sha'ar Prachim, and then climbed to the top of the old city wall. There are a few Jewish families living in a compound there, right near the gate, and behind them is the old city wall. So I climbed to the ramparts and walked above the old city around in a big circle til I got to Temple Mount. The view was incredible, looking both inside the walls and out at Har Hazeitim and the other mountains that are over there. The ramparts ended there, and the guards dont let Jews on the Mount, so I had to go back through the city. I took the first street I saw, which happened to be the Via Delorosa, and traced Jesus' walk of the cross. I got up to station 8 and then found the Jewish Quarter. It was an awesome walk I'll hopefully do again soon.
Many restaurants didn't open this year, they all did repairs instead. I was hungry one night and went to town with Menachem. We couldnt find a single appetizing place to eat. There was chinese being served outside that looked liked a soup kitchen, cafes that only had salads, and every place else was for legumes eaters only. We ended up getting potato chips and coke and then we went to the mall for food. We ended up going to a movie and didnt get food til around 1AM when we found a shwarma place that the schwarma was "legume-y" but the chicken wasnt. Another night I went to the mall with MyShan and had soup and fried haloumi cheese. That's good cheese. They served the soup with matza instead of bread. That seemed a bit weird to me.
We are off in our search for chametz. Hopefully pizza. Happy Mimuna to everyone


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