Friday, April 14, 2006

Second Day Yom Tov

While half my family was in shul or getting ready for their fourth yom tov meal, I went to Tel Aviv. Shany had a class to go to, so I had 3 hours to kill wandering Tel Aviv. If I had to describe Tel Aviv in one word, it would be balagan. Especially after the conformity of all the building in Jerusalem, seeing every buiding there a different color was slightly unsettling. Also, every block there was a house or two that was renewed, and looked very modern, except it was surrounded on all sides by decrepit buildings. Dizengoff Mall, which semed to be a major marker in the city, is built on a slope, the first floor kind of blending into the second and third. I wanted to walk from Azrieli Mall to Dizengoff, so I asked people where it was. Nobody knew. Finally a cab driver looked at me like I was crazy and told me the direction but said its too far to walk. It too 15 minutes to walk it, and it was straight down one long street. How do these peopl live in Tel Aviv and not know where things are? I went to the beach, enjoying the cold water on the hot day. Then I went over to Nachalat Binyamin and Shenkin, an outdoor market and the "hot spot" street next to it. There was an art fair going on, which I thought of buying things, but didn't. Then I went back to Azrielli where Shany was, and we ate Kosher for Pesach BurgeRanch. Now we are up north with the rest of the Israeli part of the family getting ready for Shabbat. All in all, a great first day Chol Hamoed.


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