Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Please Understand, Lebanese Friends

I should be studying but here I am glued to my computer waiting for news updates. I found a very interesting blog, by Labenese people who are against Hezzballa. I feel very bad for them. Their country is being held hostage and they are going to be paying the price. Until now I thought of Lebanon as a sort of extension of the Palestinians, but they are very different. The Pals elected a terrorist group by a large majority to rule over them. Whatever the terrorists than do has the people's support, and I find nothing wrong with punishing the people for it. In Lebanon, Hezzballa is a minority faction who, apparently, are not well liked. I do hope that while we retaliate, they understand that we have no other choice, and that they blame the terrorists among them and not us. We cannot sit back and allow this to happen unprovoked. We cannot trade prisoners, as that would encourage more kidnappings. We cannot allow our soldiers to be held hostage, and not fight for them. What would that say about how much we value our own men? And we certainly cannot have all our northern citizens sleeping in bomb shelters. So we bomb Lebanon, and innocent people will get hurt. And the world will forget that our soldiers were kidnapped and jkilled and our cities are being attacked, and they will condemn us. But hopefully one day Lebanon will understand that all we want is a border with them like we have with Egypt and Jordan, and that it will be beneficial to all of us.


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