Tuesday, June 13, 2006

How Much I Hate Our News

There are certain things I expect from Al Jazeera. This may still be my naivety speaking, but I didnt think I should expect a similar thing from all the leading Israeli papers. This past weekend an explosion went off on a Gaza beach killing a family, including infants. While this is a very tragic thing, explosions happen very often in Gaza, and not always from us. This didnt stop our news from immediately reporting that we had killed them.
Haaretz "We came, we shelled, we killed" and, as a statement of fact without mentioning any other side to a story, "The hardest hit in the Israel Defense Forces artillery strike on a Gaza beach Friday was the Ghalia family, which lost six members, among them the father, one of his two wives, an infant boy and an 18-month-old girl. "

Ynet "
7 killed by IDF artillery fire" They at least had the decency to write in the article "Palestinian sources report 7 Palestinians, including children, killed by artillery shells fired by IDF", but the title is what most people see, and still remains incriminating.

"(translated)7 innocent Palestinians killed in attack" " in the article, "The Gaza Strip is burning: 10 Palestinains were killed by the IDF yesterday, inlcluding 7 innocent civilians"

Even the BBC was more even-handed. " Palestinians killed on Gaza beach", no mention of how they were killed in the title, and in the article it immediately says "Seven people, including three children, have been killed by Israeli shells which hit a beach in the northern Gaza Strip, Palestinian officials say.

All this isn't even what bothers me (OK, it does bother me, but it's not my main point). The army is now looking into the matter and finds it very unlikely that the killing had anything to do with us. So how do these news agencies report that?
Haaretz "
Probe: Hamas bomb, not IDF shell, caused Gaza deaths"

Ynet "IDF: Palestinian bomb, dud may be behind Gaza incident"

Maariv, I cant even find an article saying that the original story may not be true.

How is it that when they write their original story they dont feel the need to limit it by saying that their may be another side, only when they write that maybe their own country wasn't at fault do they feel the need to tell everyone this may not be true!!?

How much do they hate themselves?


Blogger Olah Chadasha said...

Sickening but such a true point. This is exactly how the media manipulates and guides the news. Notice that it doesn't only happen here. Did you read about the alleged massacre at Haditha in Iraq by Marines. Before an investigation into the incident even begun, every segment of the Mainstream Media (MSM)reported, as fact, that Marines had gunned down innocent men, women, and children in cold blooded revenge for the death of one of their own. Now, that investigations are showing that's not what happened at all, the MSM isn't retracting their story, and they're reporting new facts that repudiate their story deep within the newspaper.

You have a media that hates the war in Iraq, like an Israeli media that is comprised of mainly left-wing elements, so they manipulate the news to fit their agenda. There is no such thing, anymore or if there ever was, as journalistic integrity and objectivity. The journalists have decided on the facts of events based on their own own personal perceptions and ideas. Truth means nothing to them.

1:35 PM  
Blogger menachem said...

it's the IDF's fault. when the initial reports came out, the IDF didn't dispute the story, so it was reported as the undisputed truth (which is accurate). when the second report came out, the palestinians are still saying it was an IDF shell, so now it's disputed, and can't be reported as fact. they have to distance themselves from the story by saying "idf:" or "probe:"

the idf's public relations team really sucks. the same exact thing happened with the supposed jenin massacre. the palestinians were the only voice in the media, and israel was saying nothing, so we got all those exaggerated reports of hundereds or thousands of deaths. in these cases, it wasn't the media's fault. (though it frequently is. this just isn't one of those cases.)

9:20 PM  
Blogger Olah Chadasha said...

Yes, the IDF's public relations team is not the best, but that's not the point here, and it's certainly not the problem. Is the US Army's PR team just as bad? I don't think so, yet the MSM did the same exact thing as they did here with the whole Haditha incident. Time and time again, the media uses Palestinian sources as fact, without checking their validity, and then quote reliable sources like the IDF as speculation. The IDF said that they were investigating the incident and had already contradicted Palestinian sources from the out-set, yet the media still ran with the stories. It's all a matter of the MSM fitting stories to their agenda.

This isn't a failure of the IDF PR office. This is a clear-cut vision of bias on the part of the media. While the Ramatkal has shown all the available proof that this incident was in no way caused by the IDF, the media has not corrected its original stories and are using words like "claim" instead of words like "evidence shows". They have not taken responsibility for their errors, and the new facts haven't even been reported in many places, and when they have, they're buried in the middle of the newspaper instead of on the fron page like the original stories were. This is clea-cut media bias.

12:58 PM  
Blogger menachem said...

can you really blame a newspaper for burying a 2 week old story in the middle of the newspaper. whatever you claim, it's no longer breaking news. the US army's PR is far superior to the IDF's (one of the few area's where they beat us). the IDF did a probe, and exonerated themselves well, and are now offering to the international community to do the same. we're basically opening our arms and saying "come and investigate us, we have nothing to hide." it's great. but it's too late. they're saying now that they've known what happened since day one, but they didn't publicize it immediately. that was a mistake.

2:20 PM  

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