Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Student Day

Last nigth was Bar Ilan's student day. Student day is a day when classes are cancelled from the afternoon, and the student council arranges a massive concert/fair. There's some rides and games, a lot of stands selling stuff, and very overpriced food. I went with Shan and Cuz Bobby, who just finished his birthright trip and is hanging out for a few weeks here. The night started with Mosh Ben Ari jamming away. We were standing right next to the stage, feeling the music (and the drinks). then Shan's favorite new band come on; Bet Habubot. They played another awesome set, which ended way too quickly. We were joined then by soem friends, including MenACHEM and British Adina. Then we wandered around while Miri Misika and Ivri Lider sang. Their music is more singy and less jamming, and not nearly as good as the first two sets. There was one show called the ultraviolet experience which everyone was running to go see. We got to the front and they gave us tickets to see the show in two hours, and a coupon for a free lighter. We picked up the lighters, which were very cool and butane, and then I burned someone. Those lighters get really hot fast! But we invited her for dinner on Shavout, so I felt a little better. The ultraviolet experiance turned out to be a total dud, it was a dark room with a few dancers playing with ultra violet lights. Sounds as dumb as it was. Turns out, they were promoting a new kind of cigarette. I found that rather odd. I think they were sending subliminal messages the whole time. I havent donestarted smoking yet, so maybe they havent affected me. The last concert of the night was Shalom Chanoch with Aviv Gefen. It was way too heavy metal, we werent impressed at all, so we went home. All in all, an excellent student day as always!


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I thought it would be a clear way to show that I'm talking about Mendy-Menachem

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