Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Yesterday I Went To Heaven

Yesterday I went with a few friends to a ma'ayan (natural pool) somewhere outside of Jerusalem. A few years ago, a few guys were hiking on a mountain and discovered a (very) small stream of water that was flowing down into a nachal. They dug a huge pit, plastered the walls, planted fruit trees, and set up a piece of heaven on earth. They hung up sheets next to the ma'ayan, and put a chair and some logs for sitting, so people can relax in the shade. A little further up the hill they set up an area for camping. There is a box with cups and things for tea, coffee, and other little items. There is also a photo album of them digging and setting the area up, along with a whole story of they how they found it, how they dug it, etc. And there is a little book with a pen for people to sign. It was the most relaxing place to be, especially during the heat wave we've had. Thank you, whoever you are, for taking the time and energy to build the ma'ayan, and for keeping it clean and nice.


Blogger Veev said...

Sari's baby's name is Rachel Maayan, just like your maayan. Crazy!

4:37 AM  

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