Friday, July 21, 2006

Stressed and Annoyed

Ahh, the stress of having a brother in law in the army "somewhere in the north" but refusing to tell us where. Especially after reading the news tonight.
I was looking though the Hebrew blurbs and thought a new world leader decided to jump in who's name I didnt recognize. I clicked on the link and, of course, it was Shakira, telling America to end the war. Thank you Shakira. What is wrong with everyone? Why is that news??
My internet hasn't been working well recently, so I went to my ISPs website. They have a note that says (translated) "As a proud Haifa company, we will continue to give service and support from bomb shelters and worker's homes. We are sorry for any delays. With hope for quiet in the North, Netvision is here for you."
Just another little way Hezzballa is pissing me off.
I'm going to sleep. Maybe things will be better in the morning. Yeah right.


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