Sunday, March 04, 2007

We had a boy!!!

Last week we had a boy. His brit was today on Purim. Not my Purim, since I'm in Jerusalem, but everyone elses.
His name is Shilo Tchelet.
The explanation I gave was as follows. Shilo was born on 7 Adar, the birthday of Moshe Rabbainu. Shilo was the place of the mishkan, and is now a city on the Palestinian side of the border. But to us, Shilo is always a part of Israel. In addition, Shilo in gematria is the same as Moshe. The brit was on Purim, and the Parshat Hashavua of his is Parshat Titzave. In Titzave the Kohen's clothes were made of many material, including Shany and Tchelet. So that's connection. Secondly, in the Megilla when the Jews were at the height of their power, it says Mordechai went out from the king in tchelet, etc. On a personal note, Tchelet for me symbolizes the return of Jews to Israel, as seen in the flag, on my tzizit, etc. We want our son to continue in our path here in Our Land.
Then I said a bunch of thank you's.


Blogger Rafi G said...

mazel tov!!!

1:16 PM  
Blogger menachem said...

i really hope that that's not how you're spelling tchelet...

11:28 PM  

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