Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Jewellery Store

(For an explanation on my rededicated blog, look at the post below)

MyWife bought a pair of earrings a while ago from a store in the center of Jerusalem. Nothing expensive, just nice earrings. Something about them broke so she took it in to get it fixed. We came to pick it up a week later, and it was gone. Apparently someone else had come in to pick up their earrings and took ours. Possibly by mistake, possibly because MyWifes earrings were nicer then hers. OwnerOfStore apologized profusely for the mixup. Mixups happen everywhere, but its how the store deals with it thats important. This guy dealt with it wonderfully. He offered MyWife any earrings she wanted in place of the original pair. We started looking at the same price bracket that the originals had cost, so StoreOwner took out a tray of more expensive earrings and showed us some of those, and then repeated that we could have any of them, clearly showing that we shouldnt think about the price. MyWife chose a pair that she liked, which cost less then the original by a few shekels. StoreOwner first made sure that she understood she could take something mroe expensive, but when he saw she was happy with what she had found, he offered us money, which was more then the difference between the original and the new pair.

Mistakes happen all the time, but this man took a mistake and used it to turn us into very happy customers who will buy from him again.


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