Wednesday, October 11, 2006

What Goes Around

We went to the Bet Shemesh concert tonight. It was fun, although definitely a different feeling then when I went there drunk as a single guy. I called a friend of mine who lives in Bet Shemesh and he met me there. He lives opposite the field where the concert was, and I laughed as he told me how every year all the Americans pile into their area and blast music until late. All the neighbors are Israeli, and he only came to the concert to meet me. I laughed at him some more and reminded him that not only does he have to deal with the noise, but his tax dollars help pay for it. Then I went home, and Mercaz HaRav is having a simchat Bet Hashuava, with music blaring into our house from across the street. It's around 12:30 AM, and they have cut to quieter songs, but we still feel it.

Some Sukkot memories:
going to the Bet Shemesh concert, slightly drunk, dancing the night away with dust flying everwhere, then finding out the stands had sold out of water. Luckily, we found a girl who gave us a bottle of water.
Telling a girl at least fifty times that I had a girlfriend, then mentioning that I liked vodka, and her buying me a big bottle of Absolut Vodka from the Sheraton Plaza. When I asked her why she would buy from the most expensive place, and for a guy she can't get, she answered "it's only shkalim anyway".
My masa kumta was on Sukkot. We were supposed to hike 75 kilometers. We were also supposed to sleep 8 hours the night before. We slept 3 hours, due to a heightened alert on the Lebanese border, and then we started walking. I made it 65 kilometers, from 4PM til 8AM of walking with all my gear, when I fell over. I had a heat stroke and got rushed to the hospital. My girlfriend at the time came to the hospital with candy, and so I married her. I left the hspital later that day to attend my tekes. The nurse made me sign a release form that I was leaving against the doctors wishes for the tekes. Then my Mem mem (officer) gave me his kumta (beret) at the tekes.

(The time had nothing to do with the song. Now theyve switched to a loud one. "Vivaser lanu, bsorot tovotm yishuot vnechamot")

Our engagement party in Israel was on Sukkot in my in laws sukka.

Moadim l'simcha!


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