Thursday, August 31, 2006

Something A Bit Lighter

I've gotten past my melancholy, at least for the day.

A friend of mine is in Israel, and asked me to take him somewhere interesting in Jerusalem. I dont know what touristy fun things there are to do in Jerusalem, unless you like shopping, and I don't. Its at times like this that a beach in Jerusalem would be very helpful. There is of course the Begin and Israel Museum, Yad Vashem, and whatever other little museums are laying around, but none of that is much fun. After discussing it with a few people I decided on the zoo. The main problem was that I already went to the zoo this summer, but I didn't have any other ideas, so off we went. At first it was a regular zoo trip, lions were sleeping, bears were eating, chimpanzees were eating each others poop, etc. etc. The penguins in the Biblical zoo are warm weather penguins, much different thenthe huge display of ice penguins in he Detroit zoo. but I digress. We caught the mandarins (the monkey in the Lion King...simbasanasobanana...on that note, they had a big display of meerkat, but no warthogs...) getting fed and learned a bit about them from the zooboy. The reason why the male mandarin tush is so big and pink is that when they move at night as a pack the women can follow them. And their face gets more color as they get stronger to scare away other animals, who understand the whole color means stronger thing (same reason poison dart frogs are bright yellow, but I digress again).
The next thing on the schedule was the elephant show. Until we got there the elephant show had ended (or it just never happened), but elephants are always fun to watch, so we hung around there. At first they were just sticking their trunks into the wall and not doing much (there are four of then by the way, Susan R. and Teddy, who were donated by the government of Thailand, and Micheala and Abigail who were donated by rich people from New York who love Jerusalem and I guess also love elephants). Then one of them started spraying himself with mud and water, which was fun to watch, but then we got bored and were ready to leave. Then we saw one of them (Teddy) starting poking his tusks into one of the other ones. Watching animals fight is always fun at the zoo, so we went back to the fence to keep watching. Teddy kept poking the other elephant and putting hs trunk on here, but it doesnt seem to be going anywhere so I was ready to leave when my friend pointed out that Teddy was thoroughly enjoying himself. And then I realized they weren't fighting. This went on for awhile, but right as it seemed to start getting somewhere Teddy walked off and took a cold shower (totally serious, he walked into a flowing stream and starting sucking water up his trunk and spraying it all over himself. We saw it wasnt going anywher so we left. We finished the zoo, and on our way back towards the elephants heard a kid yell, "Mommy, there are two elephants in the water!" So we walked back over right as the female darted out of the water and the male ran and knocked her back in. Then, suffice it to say that we, along with all the little kids watching, learned a little bit more about nature then we thought we were going to do. We also got great pictures. My only question at the end is, are elephants modest animals and thats why they use the pool, or is it just a gravity/agile thing?


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