Monday, August 07, 2006

Defense Minister?

from Arutz 7

Addressing a Tel Aviv session of the Knesset Foreign Affairs & Defense Committee, Defense Minister Amir Peretz stated that in the face of failed diplomatic efforts to stop Katyusha rocket attacks, he will order a more comprehensive IDF operation.

Peretz stated such an operation would strike Hizbullah throughout Lebanon, targeting rocket launchers wherever they may be.

Why arent we doing that now? 12 soldiers killed in a rocket isn't reason enough? 3 killed and over 100 injured and trapped in fallen buildings due to rockets isn't reason enough? Sadly, he seems to prefer the Arab approach of maximizing our casualties to make us look more pathetic so the world will pity us.

Too bad he didn't explain why he ordered an incomprehensive IDF operation frst, designed to risk our soldiers. I wonder what is going to be comprehensive about the new operation. Is it going to clearly state that our first priority is the safety of our civilians and soldiers, and only after the safety of others? Probably not.


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