Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Galilean Refugee

My brother is still seeking refuge in Jerusalem, but has to go up from time to time to work in Haifa and see his house in Maalot. He is happy to report it is still there. He is selling t-shirts and coffee mugs through Zazzle, he gets a part of the proceeds which will go to help Northerners. Check it out here. In order for him to get the money, I think you have to go through the link on his website.

FoxNews has been reporting for some time now that many Israeli troops have been killed or injured. Our news just reported that some soldiers have been injured. Unfortunately, usually the foreign news are right, and our news is censored until the families have been notified. We have already heard from my brother-in-law that he is alright, thank God. It is a horrible feeling, when you at the same time are happy to hear your family is alright, but at the same time know that another family is receiving the worst news.

Here is a picture of a friend that someone sent me a link to:

In other news, my parents came to visit for the month. Kol HaKoved to them for coming when we need tourists the most. And Kol HaKoved to them for taking us out to dinner, and supporting our restaurants :-)

The market in Israel is doing well. I have heard some negative feedback about this, that Tel Aviv only cares for itself, and doesnt care we're at war as long as Ramat Aviv isn't hit. But its a good thing the market is fine, it's one less thing we have to worry about. A major deal was just made, SanDisk bought M-Systems for 1.5 billion dollars. They're both Israeli companies that make flash drives and USB devices and other high tech things. This will add more money to the Treasury, which is in major need of it now.


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In all the news I have read, all I see is how many innocent Lebanese citizens have been killed by the "Israeli monsters". There is a series of pictures which show bloody women and children from Qana. At the end, there is one picture of an Israeli solider taking a nap. I know the media is skewed. But what are we supposed to make of this? I don't know how to defend Israel to the nonbelievers.

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