Sunday, July 23, 2006

Where Have All the Young Men Gone, Long Time Passes

My friends called me on Friday
"Zacks, where are you?"
"At home. Where are you?"
"We've all been called up for reserves. We're on our way North. They didnt call you?"
"Apparently not."

So I called their reserve unit.
"Excuse me, my entire unit got called up for reserves today, but I didn't. Any reason why?"
"You're not in my computer"
"Can you put me in your computer?"
"I dont think so."
"Who can?"
"I dont know"
"Is there someone I can talk to to find out what my deal is with reserves?"
"I dont know"
"Whats the number to the main reserves office?"
"I don't know."
"What do you know?!"
"If you get a call telling you to be somehwere at a specific time, then you've been called up."
"Thank you so much for your help."

On my way to take a test today, I passed a friend from my class, sitting in uniform at the bus station with his girlfriend.
"So, you got called up?"
"Yeah. Your on your way to take the test?"
"Yeah. I tried to go to reserves instead of the test but they didn't take me."
"Too bad. I wanted to take the test but instead I have reserve duty."
Long silence.

I get to the test, and overhear a conversation.
"Hey, where's Avi?"
"Also Rafi?"
"I don't know, probably."


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