Sunday, July 30, 2006

My Brother-In-Law, The Soldier

We spent a very enjoyable Shabbat with my parents and all the Israeli members of our family at the Kings Hotel. Brilliant idea, Shabbat, having a day to relax, when you can't follow the news. It really helps lower the stress. I recommend it to everyone.
After Shabbat my in-laws came over to drop off some food. While they were here my brother-in-law Yosefi called them, so we were able to talk to him. We hadn't heard from him in over a week, since he wasn't allowed to bring his cell phone into Lebanon with him. He was a bit in shock, after being in such real battle. His friend lost a leg after an enemy soldier threw explosives at him. A commander was killed earlier in the week. He couldn't give us details, but he had taken part in this battle. When we spoke to him he was back on our side of the border.. I spoke to him about the nine soldiers that had been killed, he was friends with one of them, Shimon Dahan הי"ד. (Shimon's older brother Meir is also a friend of mine, he was part of the same group in the army as me and Amichai הי"ד.) He seemed a bit weary after such an intense week, but his morale is high and he is ready to go back in and destroy our enemies.
May God guard Yosefi and all the other soldiers that are out there fighting to keep our country safe!


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