Saturday, August 05, 2006

Shavua Tov

May this week be better than last week, and bring us lasting peace...or at least an effective cease fire...ok, may we just have a bit of quiet. I've once again seen how happy I am we dont have a TV. Friday afternoon we were at someones house where the TV was on, and we were unable to tear our eyes away as they showed funerals, the effects of rockets, detroyed families, etc. It's too depressing to bear. Non-stop they had the names of soldiers and civilians who had been killed scrolling across the bottom of the screen.

Shabbat was very peaceful, at least for us. We went to a Shabbat Chattan (aufruf [Shabbat celebration before someone gets married]) of a friend of ours. It's really nice to take a step back from all the fighting and see something happy for a change of pace.

I spoke with a friend of mine last week who's an officer in Golani 51. His platoon brought back some of the bodies of the soldiers that had been killed in Lebanon. He sounded tired but seemed upbeat, and said his soldiers still have a high morale, and are ready and waiting to avenge the deaths of their friends. May God guard them and allow them to avenge the deaths of all our fallen soldiers. I spoke with another friend who is doing reserves on the border, he is doing guard duty and a few other minor things, but seemed fine. I havent spoken to my brother-in-law, but last we heard he was fine. I'm so glad I don't have to rely on the media for everything, and can get real updates from soldiers there, without the spin that whoever is reporting wants to put on it.


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