Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Life and Death Mixed Together

I've sat down a few times to sit and write something, but I keep stopping. I want to write light things, but there's to much on my mind. I visited this guy in the hospital a week ago, his APC was hit by a rocket and his legs are in terrible shape. He was part of the team that brought out the bodies of the soldiers that were killed in Bent Jbail, including Amichai, a friend of his. That same day I had to make a horrible decision; go to a memorial ceremony for a friend's brother who was killed, or go to an engagement party for my wife's friend. I couldnt do both since they were on seperate sides of the country. I ended up missing a ride to the memorial so I went to the engagement. It was probably for the good since I was so depressed after the hosital visit. I stopped at my friends grave in Eli on Friday. They haven't put a stone on yet, so it is just dirt with a little sign that says his name, rank, and date of death. Then a friend and I went to visit his parents and talk to them. His father wasnt home, but his mom was, and she seemed to appreciate our visit. My friend brought a framed picture of our unit with Amichai in the middle. Tonight I am going to a wedding. In a few weeks I have a memorial ceremony on Sunday and a wedding on Monday.


Blogger Veev said...

It's the way of life here, I'm finding out. And fortunately or unfortunately, people seem to get used to it.

May you know of no more sorrow.

8:32 PM  

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