Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The First Scapegoat

Insider trading is wrong. And when the head of the army places his bets against his own country, some might even refer to that as treason. Also, I haven't forgotten how Sharon quickly got rid of "Bogey" Yaalon right before disengagement and put his own puppet, Dan Chalutz, in his place.
So I have no qualms with everyone screaming for his resignation. BUT, let's not lose focus here. We have just witnessed a horrible war. Lots of unnecessary deaths. Lots of unkept promises. Dan Chalutz did something wrong, and we are all angry, but his selling shares is not the main point here.

What about Olmert, a man who was "tired of winning". A man who sent other people's children to war, but not his own. Or Peretz, one of the founders of 'peace now', a man who was given the defense minister chair as a way of buying his party into the coalition, and refused to place someone who knows defense in the chair since he was scared of the political repercussions. Or maybe Chalutz himself, who admitted he has no understanding of ground troops and tanks, only planes. And who also declined an offer from America a few years ago for bombs that destroy underground bunkers.
Or maybe Nassralla just fought well. Regardless, this need to find someone quick to hang from a tree is counter productive, as it allows the true culprit to get away.


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