Monday, September 04, 2006

Not Another Strike!

The latest budget idea to pay for the war is to increase university tuition 50%, following the tried and true method of "when in trouble hit the poor hard". In response, the National Student Council has threatened to strike. Luckily, school doesnt start til ater Sukkot (Oct 22) so we have time to work this out. They will probably leave that as the plan until the day before school starts, then realize we really are going to strike, and then start negotiating. Unless we are lucky and the coalition falls apart due to the budget. But more likely is that Labor and the Old People Party will cave in to Kadima, even though the budget runs one hundred percent against everything they believe in. Because how important is belief when you can lose your chair at the Knesset, or maybe even your Minister position.
Where else can they pull money from if not students? How about fining every public official who is found to be corrupt. We'll call it "Embarrasment to the State of Israel" fine. We can also charge every minister who is in charge of something he knows nothing about, just because he wants to be a minister. We'll call that one, "Minister at any price" fine. The fine to be a Defense Minister will be double.
I really hope we dont end up striking. Then we'll start the school year late, cut into our Pesach vacation, and instead of the year ending in July, it wont end til August.


Blogger Olah Chadasha said...

Those fines alone would cover the entire budget!!

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