Friday, October 27, 2006

Back To School

Israel is all about the small things. Everyone has so much to complain about, the government, the territories, the presidents alleged behavior, etc., but no one ever focuses on the good small things. I started school this week. The school schedule is based on the Jewish calender, and we always start after Sukkot. We get off on fast days, and school ends at 4PM on chanuka so everyone can get home in time to light their menora.
I have to take two general studies classes this year, one of the ones I chose was called "We are sick of corruption-political and social criticism" (my translations never sound like the actual thing). This sounded like a really interesting course, with such practical application, that I immediately signed up. I went to the class this morning, the room was full, about 70% students and 30% old people that take classes for fun. The teacher walked in and said he was surprised so many people signed up to his course, he usually has much smaller groups. Then he passed around a paper for everyone to write their names down, and told us to write yes or no if we spoke yiddish or not. This threw me off a bit, but I wrote down no and let it pass. Then the teacher went on for a while about how the grading works, the test, all the side issues. Then he asked who already knows about Mendele the book seller. All the old people said yes, the students said no. He started explaining about how Mendel lived around 150 years ago, and wrote criticim on the politics pf hs time. He went on for a few more minutes about Mendele, and then a girl got up and started leaving. The teacher asked her how she could have given up already, and she said she had thought the class was on todays politics, not from 150 years ago. He looked at her really confused and asked, "why would a class on Mendele Mocher Sefarim be on todays issues?" Then he looked around and asked who else thought this was a class on politics. Every studets hand went up. He told us to take a few minutes and discuss if we want to stay or not. I had no interest in learning about Mendele, so I left. How could they call a class "we are sick of corruption", right when half the Knesset is being tried for every charge possible, and have the class be about MENDELE MOYCHER SEFARIM!!!


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