Sunday, February 20, 2005

Ha'am Im Eilat

We just had an incredible weekend. Here are some highlights and thoughts....
-we stayed at Neptune Hotel on the beach. beautiful hotel wonderful food, only a little problem with towels or lack thereof. The weather was gorgeous. I am completely burned and happy about it. All meals are buffet with lots of meat and salads, etc. Our room had a big bed, a couch, a TV with some cable . a balcony with chairs and a tanning bed.
-For those concerned with the religious angle, we had a key for Shabbat, they gave us wine for kiddush, they had a shul which about 30 people went to. We did part ashkenez part sefard, depnded on who started first. Also, if you tell them that you rreligous, they dotn kick you out in the morning, they wait til after Shabbat is over.
-For those concerned with other things, we only saw two topless women on the beach. This trip as a lot different for me then previous trips to Eilat. On the one hand, i didnt have to worry about dancing by myself or picking up chicks. On the other hand, I couldnt stand and stare at all the half naked, or topless women. i had to keep walking. That is a very hard thing to do.
-In addition to my bathing suit tan line, I know have a ring tan line. i find this to be a higher level of commitment, even if I take off the ring everyone knows it was there.
-There is no tax in Eilat. But the price tags are marked with tax already included. So its like everything everywhere is on sale and you get to take off 15%. That was more Shanys fun. while she was doing that i was crossing into Egypt.
-Israelis are a lot more annoying then Egyptians. it took me around a half hour til they decided i could leave Israel, and til they figured out I didnt have to pay the border tax (i knew that and Ive only crossed once. youd think the girl that worked there would also know) I finally crossed, the Egyptians gave me no problems entering or leaving, and then the israelis hassled me again why i was coming into Israel. it also made me just want to stay in Egypt, except that they talk funny and dress funnier and every one of them looked to me like a suicide bomber.
We are now back in J-town starting a new semester. Upcoming attractions include my making aliyah (i have an appt March 2 nd in the morning for that) and the Siyum haShas (March 2nd at night). I feel that even if I didnt learn the whole Shas, I can say Amen at the end and its like I did, just like with Brachot.


Blogger Just Shu said...

are you and Shany in a fight, you didnt refer to her as "my shany"
- As far as not staring at half naked women on the beach..tell Shany, "just cuz im on a diet doenst mean i cant look at the menu. WARNING when i used that line on Nat i got punched..but its a great line

3:10 AM  
Blogger 2R said...

hmmm, they all looked like suicide bombers, all of them...all of them that live on the side of the border that i suggested (ok told) you not to cross, and they all look like suicide bombers...hope you enjoyed yourself...

oh and Shu - that's great...

1:41 AM  
Blogger rockofgalilee said...

I thought it was called window shopping.
and i also got hit.

9:10 PM  

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