Sunday, December 18, 2005

Nothing Like Some Good Complaining

I went to class today. That in itself bothers me, being as its Sunday, and even though I always went to class on Sunday, at least it was acknowledged that it was Sunday and we were having class anyway. Anwyays, class starts at 8:15, and Sunday morning traffic is the worst of the week, so it takes almost an hour and a half to get to school instead of the usual fifty minutes. Anyways, I go to my first class, the teacher runs more then 20 minutes overtime, and then I have an hour break til 12. I kill the hour, go to my class, and the teacher shows up and announces her throat hurts so class is canceled. How irritating! Theres a system set up that if class is canceled they send you a text message, but she didnt officially cancel it until everyone already came. And its really hard to tremp home at 12 on a Sunday, noone's going to Jerusalem then. S I had to wait over an hour for a ride.
A big pet peeve of mine is the traffic lights near my house on the way to the bus station. There are three directions for cars, east, west, and turning south. Each one has their own light for pedestrians. It used to be that they all changed colors at the same time and you had enough time from either side to make it across. Then they started doing construction, probably for the subway theyre building here, and they messed up all the lights. So now, one light changes, 10 seconds later the next one, 5 seconds later the third one, and about 5 seconds after the third one turns green, the first one goes red. So it is impossible to actually make it all the way across in one shot if you're walking north towards the bus station, unless you jay walk, which isnt always possible because its a main street. Also, traffic cops hide in trees on the other side waiting for people to jay walk so they can give them tickets. I'm hoping that this city has so many cops and so little crime and thats why all the cops have nothing else to do then hide behind building and trees waiting to ambush those evil criminals that arent waiting for the light to change.


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kill some time? that's why you come over to my apartment?

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