Thursday, December 22, 2005

Why I Dont Care To Vote II

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My other issue with Israeli representation is the flipside of the same problem. Since we dont vote for specific people, they feel no need to represent us. People will vote for Netanyahu or they wont, but if he wins, Limor Livnat will continue with her changing of the school system whether the people want it or not. She doesnt have to answer to us. None of these supposed representatives answer to us. And what do they stand for? How many knesset members are pro choice? How many want to increase minimum wage? How do they think the best way to lower crime and rehabilitate criminals? Do they think about lowering crime? Tax reform? If I'm deciding who to vote for in America, I can go to any one of many websites and see where they stand on all issues, and then make an educated decision. Here, I only know what they said about one or two issues, and as we have seen, that has no bearing on what they're going to do.
As a religious, immigrant, student, recently married, man from Jerusalem, who represents me? And even if someone does represent me, does it matter? I can't vote for them anyway, only for their party. And their party is comprised of other people who disagree with them on those issues. So why should I vote?


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