Monday, June 06, 2005

Thank You God!

I love parades. theres just something about them that does it for me. I used to love watching the July 4th Parade going 'round Oak Park Park (yes, thats a real place), looking at all the old cars, the floats, marching bands, etc., I loved the Israel Day parade in NY with all its masses of people joining to celebrate Israel, and now I love the parade in Jerusalem for Jerusalem Day. The day our capital was reunified, our borders extended, the day of "Har Habayit Biyadenu", the Temple Mount is in our hands. Whatever political decisions are made in regard to that terrority we won doesnt take away from the miracle that happened, how in 6 days we went from a tiny country that was laughed at to a military force to be reckoned with, how "five of ours chased a hundred, and a hundred chased 10,000". Gods hand was shown during those six days, and may he show it to us again to deal with our current enemies.
The parade goes from city hall (Kikar Safra), through town, and ends up at Gan Sahker. First is the tractors. Dozens of tractors, new and old, with signs hanging from which area they came from. Last year Sharansky was on one, this year we missed the beginning so I dont know who was there. Then each area of Israel has a float, with kids marching or dancing behind, the police marching band, Magen David Edom volunteers, and I dont know who else. Gush Katif had a float, there motto said something about them guarding Jerusalem forever. There was a lot of orange in the marchers, mostly ribbons or stickers, but almost all settlers from all over marched in orange Gush Katif shirts. From what I saw, it was all peaceful, no cop fighting or anything, just clapping and cheering for everyone who walked by.
After the parade we went to the Kotel. It wasnt nearly as packed as I thought it would be, but I heard people dont come til really late and then they stay there til the morning and daven. We davened a special holiday davening, and then danced around a bit. It was beautiful. tomorrow is more parading, when everyone marches the other way, from Gan Sahker to the Kotel and then theres a concert at the kotel, as well as concerts all over the city (and all free!!). More about all that later. For now, Chag Sameach to All!!


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