Friday, December 30, 2005

Kiddush Hashem, Eilat Style

In order to celebrate the Jewish victory over Hellenization, my inlaws took us to Eilat. We stayed in the Club hotel, a very nice resort hotel right near the beach. The hotel theme is boats. The hotel, if looked at from a distance is in the shape of the boat, There is a huge boat in the lobby, the walls all look like the inside of a boat (ok, hard to describe, but it's all very boaty) Even the elevator has a wall that looks like fish moving, and makes a "ping" noise every few seconds as you go up, which for some reason gives a submarine feeling. So we looked at our schedule from the hotel, and they said candlelighting is at 6. So at 6 we brought the menorah down to the lobby to light. The hotel had a huge display set up of a big sufganiya, with an enormous menorah next to it, and a bunch of tables for people to put their own menorah down. We all lit seperately, then the hotel guy lit, and then they started playing Chanuka music. They had all kinds of costumes of different animals, and a man riding a horse (not real horse), and they all danced with al lthe kids, and then they gave out free sufganiyot. The lobby was crowded with people, and on all the levels there were people looking down to watch what was going on. While it wasnt quite the same as the yeshiva after-candle scene I have been accostumed to, I found it to be quite a high level of pirsumei nissa.
Mi K'Amcha Yisrael


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