Tuesday, February 21, 2006

More Political Ranting

Is it only every bus in Jerusalem or does every bus in the country have a Bibi ad on it? I think we should all sign a petition, we know you're strong against Hamas, now please take down those ads, theyre freaking me out!! Stop staring at me, Bibi from ten years ago!! At least they've come up with a new ad, so not every bus has Bibi's face. This one combines the word smol (left wing) with Olmert, and calls him SMOLmert. Now come on people, admit it, how many of you were going to vote for Olmert but changed your mind because Olmert rhymes with Smolmert? There's got to be better strategies out there!! Who's running these campaigns? Focus on how Kadima is a party with politicians who have no common goals except to be in the Knesset...or something! Problem is Netanyahu is just as indecisivie as Omert, and Likud is just as corrupt...
Incidentally, I heard the left wing tried to stick the word Yamin (right wing) into Bibi's name, but couldnt find anywhere to stick it....


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Anonymous iSrAeLiWannaB said...

call shauli. thats his job.

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