Monday, February 13, 2006

The Dreaded Fifteen Minutes

I have test at 8:30. right now it's about 8:15. So what should I be doing? I always have this fear that if I study right now, I'll only remember that last thing I put in my head. I don't know anyone who's taking it with me, so there's no one to talk to. I could say tehillim, but then I'll A. feel guilty that I'm only saying it so I pass a test, and B. feel dumb that I'm saying tehillim for passing a test. Well, at least there's blogging.
I have made a (tentative) decision who I'm voting for. Very tentative really, since everything changes her real fast, so it's hard to really decide before the actual day of elections. Do they have slogans during American elections? Everyone has another slogan around here. As far as I can recall, in America they just had the candidate and vice candidates name on a sticker with the year. Nothing cool like "Canada is trying to take the Dakotas, vote Bush to save them."
Test is in five, got to get ready...


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good luck

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