Sunday, May 01, 2005

Happy Mimuna

The first thing I usually like to so after the Chametz fast of 7 days (thats right, 7, not 8) is to eat pizza. Its the thing I miss the most. Theres something about the cheese, soft and hot, melted onto the dough, with tomato sauce (but not too much tomato sauce) in the middle, sometimes a little something on top, but not neccesarily. This year was different. The second th Chag ended, we rushd off to Bet Shemesh for the mimuna. For those who dont know, mimuna is a Morrocan holiday, where they eat mufleta (like a mallawach(like a lafa(a doughy circle thing))with honey and butter spread on it)and other Morracan foods and bless everyone. Although my Moroccan side all lives in Bet Shemesh, we first went to Abuela's (Grandma's) neighbor cuz she makes th best mufleta. They also had carrot syrup, not so good. Then we went to Saba and Savta of the Morrocan side and stayed there for a bit. Then we jumped over to cousin Kelly, but she didnt have any mufleta or anything. So we went back to Saba and Savtas. They blessed us that we should have children, male children (from the Godfather?) and be happy. then it was 1AM and we came home. I still havent had pizza yet. I have a major paperwork due tommorow but I'm blogging instead so Mendy, shut up.


Blogger menachem said...

welcome back! i didnt want to be the only nerd blogging.

11:04 PM  
Blogger menachem said...

oh, and after pesach, i continued eating matza and cream cheese for a full day. stupid maris ayin...

11:10 PM  
Blogger stillruleall said...

sucks for you. I'm not touching that stuff for a year

12:42 AM  

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