Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Kol Hazman Tzanchan

Ordinarily, I wouldnt write anything about tneffim, paratroopers, who I think of as overglorified infantry that the nation has become infatuated with for no reason. But today is different. My brother-in-law just had his tekes kumta for duvdevan. tekes kumta being "graduaton" from training, after a 90 kilometer hike, duvdevan being the elite tzanchan unit that no one knows too much about....So he know has his red beret. It was fun to be there, this time from a spectator side. As the ceremony ended, everyone was asked to wait a minute. Then they asked a girl from the crowd to come forward. One of the soldiers also came to the podium. They kept calling out the girls name, and the soldier was standing looking very nervous. Finally she came forward, he got down on one knee, and his friend held up a big sign, "will you marry me?" Everyone was quiet as she stood there, then she gave him a big hug. The crowd went wild! Now this poor girl is engaged to a guy who has over two years til he finishes. Oh well. Today was also Uncle-in-law Avi's wedding. it was nice, out in Mitzpe Yericho. It was very nice, especially cuz they had sushi! One of the few things I regret in life was when I was in Long Island for a Shabbat, and we went to a kiddush, and it was a sushi kiddush. At the time, I didnt eat sushi, so I stood around bored. Now I have become a big sushi fan, and I bet that was really good sushi I missed out on.
I had an interesting thought the other day. People look at laziness as a bad thing. But I dont think I'm lazy, I think I'm patient. Patience is good. I dont walk up the stairs cuz I have the patience to wait for the elevator. I dont get up cuz I have the patience to sit and relax. Some people feel the need to wash a plate rigt after its used. I have the patience to wait til the morning. You get the point. I have a massive test tomorrow, macreconomics, I need a 70 to pass, but I'm still wasting my time blogging. That way I'll have an excuse for failing....OK, hopefully not.


Blogger 2R said...

I can't believe the upper Duvdevanim let him get away with this! Have they no pride!! What a cute country we live in.
No comment on the sushi...but Mitzpeh Yericho is cool!

12:56 AM  
Blogger stillruleall said...

he was only a tzanchan, not duvdevan

9:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Col HaZman Tzanhan

3:59 AM  

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