Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Finally, Nothing to Do with Politics!!

Yesterday I wasn't sure if I had a winner. I called someone, and they told me he died on Sunday. Being as it was Monday, I wasnt sure if they meant yesterday, or Sunday the week before. It sounded strange for someone to say Sunday instead of yesterday, but out of respect for the dead, I refrained from asking. It made a big difference in the game though. Before then, the closest someone died to when I called was 4 days. (died on Sunday, called on Wednesday). So I wasnt sure if yesterdays call topped that or not. But now it doesnt matter. Today, i called a lady, lets call her Mary. A young girl, her granddaughter answered. She passed the phone to her mama, who told me Mary had died yesterday morning. This was only 1PM the next day, so this is a definite winner!


Blogger Just Shu said...

two possible patienst die a day before you call what are the odds. Of course if you called them 2 weeks agio, teh doc could have seen, and then they could have died knowing they have good eyes, and teh good dr gets paid.

9:46 PM  
Blogger stillruleall said...

someone told me that. I called, and they said, "sorry, he died a few months ago. If you would have called sooner, you could have seen him"...

10:34 PM  
Blogger Heidi said...

what the heck do you do for a living?

7:02 PM  
Blogger menachem said...

you don't think they're lying?

3:27 AM  
Blogger stillruleall said...

heidi-I make appts for my father. most of his patients are over 80, and many die before we can see them.
Menachem-Its not like I'm telemarketing, people need to see the doc. They wouldnt say theyre dead

12:03 PM  
Blogger Heidi said...

"I make appts for my father. most of his patients are over 80, and many die before we can see them."

You dont have to rub it in that you can see and they cant.

6:36 PM  
Blogger stillruleall said...

Why not?

9:58 PM  

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