Thursday, July 07, 2005

One of Those Days

Yesterday was another final. I might have passed. I doubt it. Its all about moed Bet. I know it wasnt going to go well when the bus missed the turn to Bar Ilan and went to Tel Aviv. In the hundreds of times Ive taken this bus, it has never missed the turn. Til yesterday. Then I went to a "restaurant" on campus to get an ice coffee, but they werent ready. Oh, this was at like 7AM, my test started at 8:30. The only highlight of the morning was a conversation I had before the test started.
Random stranger "You were at the protest by the bridges."
Me "Yeah... (said in a, how do you know, tone)"
Random Stranger "I saw you on TV"
So I started the test in a better mood then I'd been in, not that it helped, but whatever.
Theres been a presence outside Bibis house all week long, I havent been there, but they had it set up well. Two people, all day long, staying there, studying or whatever. All oranged up. The cops cant make them move, since its only 2 people, and to be called a protest it needs to be 3. Whenever Bibi comes, they yell their "support" for him for being against disengagement.
Also, every Friday theres a tent set up in Tel Aviv, where Orange Cell-ers go out and talk to the people, explain the dangers of disengaging, etc. On Thursday they have something set up, each week in a different city. This week its Ashkelon. If I can, I'm going to the one in Tel Aviv. More on that later.
Its amazing how nothing else seems important. How can I sit and study when my country is being sent to hell!!
For all you leftists and centrists (AKA Mendy) reading this, click on this link, and watch the video, Sakin Balev. (If link doesnt work, just google sakin balev). Its a 30 minute movie, very worth seeing.


Blogger Olah Chadasha said...

Saw it. Nice video. Plays to the heart strings very nicely. But, it's an extmrely austentacious piece of propoganda. It certainly doesn't convince me that the disengagement is sending the country to hell in a hand basket. Also, as I pointed out in 2r's site, when she made the same comment you did, just b/c some-one believes that the disengagement is a necessary action does NOT make them a leftist or even a centrist. Just like that not everybody who is pro-disengagement is an ultra-rightist or even a rightest at all. Putting labels on people in a situation like this makes the situation worse, and puts even more dividers b/t the nation. That is something this country certainly does not need right now.

1:42 PM  
Blogger 2R said...

I saw the bibi standers chillin' with a bibi security guard. what a fun country we live in!

2:11 AM  

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