Friday, July 01, 2005

Raw Emotion

Disengagement is a shaky issue, lots of details, pros and cons and what not. Doesnt mean I dont love the protesting, but my political stance is still a bit centrist. Right, but centrist right. But one thing I'm very sure about is my feelings towards gay parades in Jerusalem. I was planning on being there, holding up a sign, "Take your abominations out of our Holy City", or some likewise theme. Yelling at them, letting them know that theyre not welcome here. If a man is in love with another man, that isnt a reason to stand up and shout about it. Its a sin. One of the worst sins. It corrupts society. And in Jerusalem? I walk through this city and feel spirituality. Theres no other reason to live here. I go to Tel Aviv, enjoy the beach, the fact that not every building is the exact same color, but in the end of the day, Jerusalem calls me. And in to this holy city they bring their shame?!? Of course the big day comes, and I'm not there. First I had a final in computers (pretty sure I'm passed), then I had my sister-in-laws birthday party. I was really tempted to ditch the party so I could yell at gays and let them know how I feel, but I didnt. Family is more important then gay-bashing. I just wish they wouldnt conflict. From what I heard, there was plenty of action without me. The weirdest thing was, a guy stabbed two people in the parade, but the news said it was a boyfriend and girlfriend. What? Well, Oy LRasha Oy Lschainu. Dont march with gays if you dont want to get stabbed. I think thats the lesson here. Everyones always against violence of Jew to Jew, but you got to remember, Pinchas killed Zimri for sleeping with a non-Jew and making a big deal about it. Sleeping with a non-Jew isnt such a big sin. Not nearly as big as being gay. The Kohanim all gathered around Moshe after the Golden Calf and went around killing all the ring leaders. Sometimes, you have to take a stance. The problem is, that those people killed entirely for God. We, or at least I, would also take pleasure in getting rid of these people, which would be self centered. You cant be a killer zealot if its at all self centered. And we are all sinners, so it seems very hyprocritical to sin and then yell at them for sinning. But I dont think its a contradiction. Sure we sin, but we dont define ourselves by it. I was really hoping the earth was going to open and swallow them, but I guess thats more of a once in a world thing. I'm just glad the news all focused on the anti gay protesting, and not just on the disgusting parade. Let the world know they could take their "gay pride" and gag on it til it kills them, but keep it out of Jerusalem!


Blogger Olah Chadasha said...

Yeah, I totally agree. Why don't we just bring the Romans back and have them put some more pig in the Beit Hamikdash and burn it down again?!? I mean, just b/c it's "popular" to be all with the gay thing, does that mean they have to bring that filth and unholiness into the Holiest city in the world?!? I think it was completely disrespectful and disgusting. Do they think they gained more support now or something? I've heard the "We're here. We're queer. Get used to it." But, bringing it into Jerusalem is like telling G-d that He can take His laws and shove it (you fill in the rest). I'm not about to tell any-one how to live, but don't shove it in my face, and don't bring into my Jerusalem.

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Blogger menachem said...

i don't see what the big difference between this parade and any other is. there's nothing gayer than a parade to begin with; calling it the gay pride parade is simply redundant

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