Sunday, July 10, 2005

Freaked Out

Weirdest thing just happened. Shans phone rang, an anonymous caller, and I answered. A slightly Russian accented guy asked if this was Ariellas phone. I said no, its Shany. He said hes looking for Ariella. I told him he had the worng number. Then he said, "I'm calling from the police interrogation office, we are looking for Ariella Zacks." So I told him he reached Shany Zacks, not Ariella, and I hung up.
Since when is there a police interrogation office that would identify itself on the phone?
Why are they calling Shany?
I would ordinarily think its a joke, but none of our friends could play a Russian accent like that.
All I could think off is I gave Shanys number for the student antidisengagement people instead of mine (it was truly a mistake). So maybe they got ahold of the list and wanted to identify whos on it. But how did they know we were Zacks?
And whos this Ariella Zacks? Is she a relative?
Whatever, this is a very confusing morning for me.


Blogger menachem said...

i feel like i just heard this story

11:17 AM  
Blogger 2R said...

When I had weird random call I got flowers then next day...wait and see

12:30 PM  

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