Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Losing It

It finally hit me. The real purpose of road blockings. It keeps people interested. I never agreed with blocking the roads, but every time they did it, I went down to the city entrance and watched. Every time I saw a cop push over another kid, or a cop pushed me for watching, I became a little more connected to the cause. Without action, interest kinda wanes. So I went to the rally in Kfar Mamon, getting there really got me psyched up, getting thru two police barricades, walking for like an hour to get there, every step drew me closer to the cause. Once I was there, nothing happened. I went, hung out, and came home. Since then nothing has happened. I feel my interest level dropping. Not that my opinion has changed, but I feel less likely to act on my convictions. Now I understand the kid who walked into the street by himself to block traffic. He was just psyching himself up. Theres a rally going on now that I couldnt be at, and I dont even feel bad for missing it. I need a good Jerusalem protest to get me stirred up again. Religion is like that too. Without religious persecution, it takes out a lot of the thrill. I wonder how many more people would light Shabbat candles if they were told they werent allowed to?
So to all those down south protesting, good luck, but dont forget to bring some action back here to get us involved again.


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