Thursday, July 14, 2005

Anti Semitism

I was looking at some comments posted on an article on Yahoo about disengagement and I came across something I havent seen in awhile. Anti-Semtism. With all kinds of comments about killing Jews, dirty kikes, etc. In honor of this occasion, my reconnection to Anti-Semitism, I surfed through Google with different keywords to see what kinds of Anti-Semitism I could find.
"Jew Pizza"
What is the difference between a Jew and a pizza?A pizza doesn't scream when you put it in the oven.
A lactose-intolerant man was admitted to St. Jude's Emergency Room Thursday night after experiencing a severe reaction to a triple cheese pizza, but quickly blamed the Jewish-owned proprietor of Murray's Pizza for his stomach pain.

"Jew Lion"
These room temperature IQ droolers are the Jewish population of Israel. These are the rednecks we are supposed to take seriously. They walked into the lion cage and demand to be protected from the lion. They claim they are the victim of the lion.

"Jew Money" (Ok, this one was too easy)
The list of Jewish knights which follows gives no real idea of the Jewish contamination of the once-prized honor of knighthood.

this got boring. Surprisingly, "rule the world", "take over the world", and "world domination" didnt get any hits about Jews, at least not in the first two pages. Have we lost some of our control?
"jew bastard" was almost exclusively about Hillary Clinton, who apparently called one of her aides that.

Interestingly, heres a piece of the wikipedia definiton of anti-semitism
"the first known laws of any church council against Jews appeared. Christian women were forbidden to marry Jews unless the Jew first converted to Christianity. Jews were forbidden to extend hospitality to Christians. Jews could not keep Christian concubines and were forbidden to bless the fields of Christians"

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