Sunday, November 27, 2005

Weird Example

We were learning a sort of Management/Psychological thing, and the teacher was making a point. The point could have been made very simply. But instead of using a normal example, the teacher asked whats the chances Israel will go to war this year and suffer many casualties. Then the next question was whats the chances Israel will go to war because of a terror attack and have many casualties. Then she made some point that I totally didnt follow since I was shocked at the example used. She couldve made the same point using any other country, or any other kind of example. why choose that one??!

Friday, November 25, 2005

The First of Many


Wednesday, November 09, 2005

האם נורתה הממלכתיות?

This may not happen in America, but class was cancelled today since my teacher had to go to milluim. Instead, I went to an interesting dialogue, sponsored by Haaretz, in memory of Rabin's tenth yartzeit. There were a few different parts, the one I went to had two former supreme court justices, one of whom was the head of the supreme court, a hesder rabbi, two proffesors, and a lawyer. The topic was the Supreme Court. Each candidate gave a little speech, then there was a bit of rebuttal, and a few questions and answers from the crowd. I heard before that there were a lot of complaints about this being very left slanted, etc, especially since its sponsored by Haaretz, but I did not feel that at all. The basic debate was how much control the supreme court should have, is it properly structured, and, of course, how the supreme court is handling the Gaze expellees. The two hours given were not nearly enough time to fully discuss anything, but I'm happy I went.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Joys of Moving

We just moved into our apartment, ground floor (!!!) in Kiryat Moshe. One of the first things I tried to take care of was the phone line. So the day before we moved I called and told them I want to move the phoneline to a different apartment. Not a problem, it takes 24-48 hours. 40 hours later I call them, since I dont think it should take so long. They check the system, ask me a few questions, and tell me it will be ready in 24-48 hours. I start yelling at them that they already told me that and it should be ready by now, but they tell me theres nothing they can do. Then MyShan takes the phone and yells at them for about 30 seconds, and they tell her the phone will be ready in an hour. An hour and a half later, we have phone service. I try to sign online, and that doesnt work. So I call them back and they tell me the internet will be ready "b'meshech hayom". After about 4 hours, I call my Internet provider and complain to them that my internet doesnt work. They have me check some things and tell me its the phone companies fault, not theirs. Then they call Bezek with me on the line, and the bezek guy tells them its supposed to take 24 hours to hook up (I think thats a stretch from "b'meshesch hayom") but they'll have it ready in two hours. I call back 3 hours later to find out whats going on, they check and tell me oops! forgot to hit the OK button, it will be ready in two hours. So I yell at them a bit, but Shan isnt here, so it stands at two hours. Luckily, half hour later its up and running.
We bought a table and chairs. The guy gave us a price, plus 100 shekel for the guy bringing it in. So two older arab men bring the table and chairs. They argue in Arabic about how exactly to bring the table in. I start to tell them a normal way to do it, but they ask me to please just hold the door. Then they scratch the freshly painted walls and back in and out 6 times before figuring it out. Then I pay the guy in charge, and he asks me what I'm going to pay the other guy. So the first guy is taking the 100 shek for 20 minutes of work, which only took so long cuz he wasnt bright enough to figure out how to bring the table in, and he looks at me like I'm the bastard for not wanting to pay his friend. So I told the guy I just paid him 100 shek and he can share it. So then they ask me for 20 shek for the other guy. But my smallest change is a 50, and I'm definitely not paying 150 shek for 20 minutes of work. So I tell them no, I paid them and thats it. So they leave cursing and stand outside stomping around for a few minutes and then they go. Was I wrong?
In other news, the apartment is looking beautiful and is very warm. Hopefully we will stay here til we build our own home on Har Zacks with a stable and a swinnimg pool.