Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A Different World

It would take too long to write about all that we've done/are doing here in America, so I wont. Just a few thoughts.
I was visiting with a friend in New York when he mentioned something I'd thought about but never verbalized. A true friend isnt someone who would do something for you, it's someone who would inconvenience themselves for you. We have much appreciation and thanks to the Friedman relatives, who hosted us for our time in New York, and to the Sendy and Sara, who put on a lot of mileage picking us up in the city and taking us to the little known airport of Islip. We have very little appreciation to Fung Wah bus, who raised their prices from $10 to $15. Not so much, but when you multiply it by two tickets round-trip, its a lot.
Having been away from New York for so long, I forgot how much pizza cost. Big Apples 9 shek slices fall at the low side of a New York slice.
I've become disillusioned. Everywhere I've ever been, people say theres nothing to do. That has become a thing to do, getting together complaining about having nothing to do. Whether its at 7-11 in Detroit, or in town in Jerusalem, or at a pizza place in Brooklyn. I've always thought that THE place were there is something to do would be TImes Square. So we were on our way to see a show (Movin Out-not recommended unless your a big Billy Joel/ballet fan, of which I'm neither) and we had some time to kill. So we asked at an information desk what there is to do in Times Square. After we told her we'd already seen the wax musuem, she was quiet for a minute, then looked up and said, "then there really isnt anything else to do".
Boston is a nice place. While living in Providence, I never liked Boston. I dont know why, I just didnt. Yet nowhere else have people stopped when they had a green light and waved to me to cross. And not just an isolated incident. Every time I was waiting for traffic to clear to cross a road, people stopped and waved me on. I was amazed. Also, the pool halls dont smell like smoke, and the street fairs are nice.
Domestic airline stewardesses are much nicer then international ones. Not just prettier, but friendlier, and much more helpful. I've flown on many international airlines, and not one rates up to Southwest.
We are currently in Florida. Bubbie and Saba are amazing as always, being the perfect hosts. We just got her today, so not much to write about yet.

Loving America, Missing Israel

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Proud Uncle

After disengagement I thought there would be a real lull in the news, what could top Gaza? Then along came Katrina. And then along came the "connections" between Gaza and Katrine. The latest I saw was R Ovadia Yosef. I've also heard the numbers add up, I'm not sure if its a percantage or what numbers add up, just that they do. Many people seem to agree this was Gods wrath, either for the sin of gays, abortions, Mardi Gras, and everything else. Whether any of this is true or not, unless another nine "natural disasters" follow, I dont think this will change any government policy, or make any long term impact in the religious level of the world.
My nephew heard about this whole hurricane business and went out raising money for the victims. Read about it here.
A big difference between the wife and I is about "evil eyes". I dont believe in them. I think, at most, they only affect people that do believe in them, and its purely psychological. MyShan does believe in them. As it turns out, a few times we have told people we were doing something before we were sure, and it didnt end up working out. Proof for her, coincidence for me. But I do feel its safe now to say that we are going to America next week. We are also moving out of our apartment and moving into a different one when we come back.
In other good news, I went to kikar safra to transfer the apartment back to the owner, and make sure everything is ok with our arnona bill. Turns out, they owed me money! I may be the first person who not only didnt get screwed by the city, but actually got money from them. I'm only worried that in a few years, they're going to tell me they made a mistake, and I owe them the money back plus interest!! If that happens, MyShan will have further proof that evil eye works, and I still wont believe it.