Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Times They Are A'changing

Once upon a time, I lived for Purim. Once upon a time I also lived under a totalitarian regime known only as South Bend. Anyways, Purim was the highlight of the year. First there was the breaking the fast on a cup of vodka. then dressing up and going door to door, singing in peoples houses and collecting for whatever cause we were assigned to. It never mattered who were collecting for. We just went into peoples houses, danced away, drank whatever they offered, and went to the next house. By the time we got to the yeshiva'a party we were all very sick from mixing too much, but danced anyway until we were too sick to move. then somehow I always woke up in bed the next morning. I went to megilla, usually threw up either right before or had to hold it in til the end, and then started drinking again. I think there was more dancing and collecting duringthe day, followed by the big family seuda, and once again, somehow waking up in bed the next morning, usually very sick. After high school, I stayed in yeshiva for Purim, there was no collecting at night, just dancing the night away til we got very sick and were dragged home. The next day my rebbi would have everyone over for a good breakfast, which usually cured us from our night sickness, and then we would start all over again. The seuda was in the yeshiva, and I have some beautiful pictures of a table full of wine bottles and nothing else. Then there was dancing and somehow waking up in bed in the morning. On shushan Purim we had a parade through the wonderful city of Providence. One year I was Ernie, and the next I was Daisy Duck. then I came to Israel and discovered what two days of Purim really was. first night was spent in Bnei Brak, I think collecting. the rest I dont really remember.
Point of this all is, that Purim always had wonderful memories, or the wonder of not having memories, but always in a purely single guy setting. Now as a married man, its a different world. Last year we went to a Bar Ilan party, very much a singles scene. And it was a very far cry from the yeshiva parties I am used to. Two years ago, we went to "The Moshav", but nothing really was happening there. This year, I dont know what to do. I dont think what I'm looking for exists for me anymore. I've adapted everything else, and now it's time to adapt Purim too.


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