Thursday, March 09, 2006

Too Early For Talking

As I was walking towards the bus at the very early hour of 9Am today, braving the freezing cold weather (so cold that I left my house with a jacket and went back in to put on a coat), I was waiting for the light to change when someone said to me in Arse (thats the Hebrew dialect spoken by punks) "hey, I'm also a gingi" (redhead). not being a redhead, I was sure he wasnt talking to me, but no one else was around so I looked up, and there was a very bleach blonde boy looking at me. He was holding up with another guy (with similar fake blond hair) a huge Likud sign (Likud strong-Israel safe). we started shmoozing, and I asked him if he agrees with the sign hes holding. "I agree with anyone who's going to pay me 20 shek an hour," he tells me. "Likud would get a ticket cuz its illegal for them to hang up these big signs on street corners, so they hire us to hold them. Who do you want to vote for," he asks me. I tell him I'm leaning towards Ichud Leumi, but I'm not totally decided yet, and he tells me "I'm going to vote for Marzel, he'll throw all the Arabs out of here." meanwhile, the light had already changed and changed again, and as I crossed the street I watched my bus go by, and had to wait 20 minutes for the next one. Which didnt matter cuz class was so boring I was glad I came late. The whole conversation was very weird, starting with him calling me a gingi like him. Also that Likud has to pay people to help them, I believe Ichud Leumi has all their people volunteering for free. And you'd think part of the guys job, other then standing holding a sign, should be to try and convince people to vote Likud instead of for Marzel. But it was nice to see a right wing chiloni, even if he was a bit overboard right wing, and probably not old enough to vote.


Blogger the sabra said...

from one gingi to another-shalom!

i liked that..was smilin the whole way through..israel-the land that gets stranger every day and in every way...lovin it!

12:26 PM  
Blogger stillruleall said...

Sabra, welcome to the bandwagon!
Ein K'mo Yisrael!!

1:49 PM  

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