Sunday, March 12, 2006

Nothing Compares

It has already started. The feeling is in the air. That feeling of....happiness. I went out today to celebrate the gorgeous weather, that I didnt have class (well really that I didnt go to class), and to look around for costumes for me and MyShan. Everywhere I walked people were dressed up, singing, smiling, just being happy. town was mobbed with costumed people. Strangest went to a girl dressed as a watermelon. I'm not even talking about the little kids who were all dressed up. There are grandmothers walking around costumed, babies costumed in strollers and everyone in between. And Purim doesn't even start here until Tuesday night! I had a quick flashback to America, and just felt sorry for all the Jews living there, thinking they know what Purim is. When every store is selling costumes and mishloach manot, when the entire city is dressed up three days before the holiday, when there is Purim music being played spontaneously from every corner, when you see people everywhere in a good mood and you can feel their happiness, that is Purim in its true unaltered state.


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